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TFT is one of a handful of laboratories that offers Cuprammonium Fluidity testing.
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Chemical Test

Chemical Testing Standards
  • Cuprammonium Fluidity: BS 2610
This is a test for the determination of chemical degradation of cotton cellulose during scouring, bleaching, washing, etc. In this test, the conditioned cotton sample is accurately weighed and dissolved in cuprammonium hydroxide solution for a minimum of 16 hours.

The flow time of the solution between two fixed marks on a calibrated viscometer at a specific temperature. The fluidity value is then calculated from the flow time and the viscometer calibration. The results are expressed as rhes (poise-1) , which is the reciprocal of the unit of viscosity.

Determination of cuprammonium fluidity (which in turn indicates the degree of polymerisation, DP). We have developed our own in house method, as the original test uses Mercury to agitate the solution in the viscometer.


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