TFT have designed and manufactured laundry test meters for more than 20 years. The meters are typically used for quality control purposes in laundry and laundry supply industries. The meters have been developed over time and are used across the UK. We have also sold to Europe, South Africa, Russia and China in the last year.

Laundry Reflectometers & OBA Meters

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The meters are designed to be a cost-effective and convenient solution for anyone measuring and assessing the quality of a laundry process.

TFT manufacture, calibrate and support two types of meter. Used together, the two meters give a comprehensive measure of the quality of laundry and other fabric processing.

  • The Reflectometer measures the reflectance (‘whiteness’) of a material. It can be used to measure the effectiveness of a laundry process, or the loss of reflectance with repeated wash cycles.
  • The OBA meter measures the fluorescence of a material when exposed to an ultra-violet light source. Fluorescents are used in the laundry process to enhance the appearance of the washed fabric.

We also support earlier versions of our meters where parts are still available.

The meters are simple to use. The meter calibration is set against the certified reference that we provide, the meter is placed on the fabric sample and the display shows the reading compared to the reference value.

Both types of meter are built into the same style and size of casing with a single digital display and simple controls to set the calibration point. The meters are small enough to be hand-held, making them convenient for use in labs or laundries. The meter and its charger are supplied in a padded ‘attache-style’ carry case which protects the meter in transit. The instructions indicate how the meter may be used in practice to produce reliable readings.

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Download our current brochure which gives further information on both the Reflectometer and OBA meter.


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